About Us

Welcome to our vacation home at Pointe Santo de Sanibel. We first visited Sanibel shortly after being marred over 25 years ago, and immediately fell in love with the island. Once we had children we made our first trip to Pointe Santo and stayed in E2. Over the years our family visited the island numerous times, each year staying in Pointe Santo unit E2. When the unit became available for purchase in early 2021, we were instantly attracted to the idea of owning a property where we had built so many great memories with our family. As a result, LANSA Properties was formed, whose name was created from the first initials of each member of our family. We are now grateful for the opportunity to call Pointe Santo E2 our home away from home, and are excited to share the wonderful experiences of Sanibel Island and Pointe Santo with you!

Thankfully Yours,
Scott, Angela, Logan, Aidan and Nicholas

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Angela & Scott Hester
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